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The key to a good pair of shoes is the sole?

When choosing shoes, everyone first looks at the appearance of this pair of shoes. The overall appearance of a pair of shoes and the overall color match are the most eye-catching, but the beautiful appearance is also the key to misleading people to make a choice. A pair of beautiful-looking shoes is a good pair of shoes. In fact, many people don’t know that the key to a good pair of shoes is to have a good pair of soles...

   The foot is the base of the human body, just like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is unstable, the structure of the house will be poor. The plantar fascia tissue will bear the pulling force of the body weight to separate the metatarsal bones from the calcaneus, and give the necessary torsion, elasticity and absorb the reaction force with the ground under various conditions. From the perspective of human biomechanics, excessive valgus of the subtalar joint of the foot will cause the arch of the foot to be low and flat, which will pull the plantar fascia and cause inflammation of the fascia.

   The main causes of plantar fasciitis: the internal structure of the foot is abnormal due to injury or improper shoes, foot joints are too loose, the amount of activity increases, the body is too heavy and the load on the foot joints increases, standing and standing for a long time Sitting can cause too tight calf pulmonary intestinal muscles and hamstrings, too tight and too short heel tendons, heel pads decrease due to age, long heel spurs, and soreness caused by plantar fasciitis such as calf pain and knee joints Soreness, low back pain, etc. Stepping on sharp healthy trails, often wearing sandals and slippers, standing, walking for a long time, being overweight, wearing high heels, high arched feet, flat feet, etc., and other diseases cause foot bone deformation.

   How to prevent and cure: A female college student in Taiwan in her 20s wears hard-soled canvas shoes for several days. Suspected that the sole is too hard and too thin, causing inflammation of the plantar fascia of her right foot. She also ruptured due to stepping on a sharp object, making her unable to walk. .

   The doctor pointed out that often wearing shoes with too high heels or too thin and hard soles can easily cause inflammation and rupture of the plantar fascia. Delays in treatment may cause premature degeneration of the ankle joints. Therefore, judging a good pair of shoes is not only to look at the appearance of the shoes, but also whether it fits your feet and whether it is comfortable to wear. Do not choose shoes with too hard soles. Soft soles will reduce the strength of the cushion and thus be better. Protect your soles, this is the criterion for judging a good pair of shoes.

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