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Varieties and applications of shoe materials

Various shoe material accessories: EVA, high foaming, sponge, resilience, foam, diving material, SBR, nylon reinforcing tape, cotton yarn tape, etc.   


Various shoe fabrics: fine cloth, nylon cloth, various mesh cloth, T/C cloth, satin cloth, lycra cloth, sandwich cloth, Jiaji cloth, Lixin cloth, terry cloth, brush cloth, Canberra, Non-woven fabrics, port treasures, velvets, tricots, etc.   


Various lamination and gluing: hot melt, self-adhesive, oil paste, PU glue, upper anti-slack, foam lamination, super glue lamination, etc. Cutting, slitting, round leather cutting, special drawing: explosion-proof strip, round strip, semi-circular strip, multi-fold strip, combination strip, elastic band, lace elastic band, cotton yarn (core) strip, peeling, shoe upper weaving Wait.

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